Chuck - in none of your writings did you ask on how to treat the FeLV+ cat
for the disease!  This is the kind of group this is.

To give you a picture of what happens all over the US, multiply Edna's may get the piucture!

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Austin, Tx has a total of 400 kittens needing homes....

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Seems that "Chuck" is the one being rude (for the most part) and well,
keeping his cat in a cage outside just doesn't seem like the type of person
that REALLY cares about his cat, but hey, just my opinion.
Also, rescuers are entitled to get a bit miffed when someone is adding to
the problem because ONLY 1 out of every 10 kittens born will find a home,
the rest either die in the shelter or on the streets.  WE DON'T NEED MORE
PEOPLE BREEDING CATS.  If you want to see some examples, I would be happy to
put together a word document with the thousands of emails I get from the
Houston area every day regarding "need homes for these kittens/cats"  "list
of cats to die today", etc. etc.


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What the hell kinda group did I join here? I thought this was suppose to be
an information and support sight for people with kitties with FIV and FeLuk.
Geez, people. I do not agree with breeding, but you're not gonna change his
mind by being nasty.


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Chuck - not only are you rudely calling list members jerks with their heads
up their asses, now we're a bunch of crooks who want to take that
unfortunate future "breeder" cat to sell to another breeder, lining our own
pockets; this may be your mentality - it's not ours (if I may speak for
everyone here on this one point).

There's honesty and  there's reality, and it's not pretty. Here's an
analogy:  If a murderer admits to killing someone, does that make him a good
guy just because he was honest?  What's your point - no, please don't

Just because the woman who sold you the FeLV+ cat pulled the wool over your
eyes, you feel slighted, and now she's the little tramp - you allowed
yourself to be duped because you thought you could make a few bucks off this
cat and yours, however, the loser in these cases is always  the female
breeder cat.

I would be careful about using all those lovely epithets on this list's
members, who have tried hard with suggestions to help you. Have you even
tried some of the very good suggestions from all the members who wrote on
the subject?

I happen to care about cats, no matter whose they are.


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