Most of mine that were born  with it lived about 1 1/2 years, but I have one 
now. who is well over 2 yrs old. 
Like everything else, every cat is different.


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My experience with 10 FeLV kittens is they will do fine for 1-4 yrs before 
showing signs of illness.  My rescue kittens were positive initally and stayed 
that way.  All did fine with s/n - no issues at all.  All were active and 
loving babies.  Thank you for saving these babies

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You've got it right.  I've immersed myself in FELV for the past 2 weeks and 
feel I've got a pretty good grasp and from what I understand what you  stated 
is correct.  Basically I need the snap and IFA test to match..but a positive 
snap and negative IFA does NOT mean they are in the clear it may just mean it 
has not spread to the point of testing positive on IFA yet.  I need either a 
matching negative snap and IFA or matching positive snap and IFA.  I've really 
had to educate myself on this bc I've learned the shelter really does not have 
great knowledge on it and they really tend to group FELV and FIV together a 
lot.  Prior to me doing my own investigating and phone calls I was told a ton 
of different things from the shelter. 

As for the mother- these guys were left on someones doorstep with no mom and 
brought to the shelter.  I pulled them as bottlefeeders at about 2 weeks old 
(uninformed on needing to request a snap test).  I had them for 5 weeks not 
knowing about the FELV...dropped them off for their spays and neuters at 2lbs 
and got a call that afternoon that 1 in the litter had tested postiive for FELV 
(they only test 1).  They had only tested them bc I checked off a box 
requesting the snap test (otherwise never would have tested them).  When I 
picked them up I brought them to the clinic and had a 2nd one in the litter 
tested who also tested positive.  A week later I had an appointment with the 
shelters vet who than snap tested the 3rd kitten in the litter who also tested 
positive.  Now we snap positive we will send out IFA.  At 
this point Im treating them as FELV+ and certainly don't have my hopes up that 
they are
 going to be negative.  

They are not showing any signs or symptoms that I am aware of at this point.  
They were spayed and neutered that day which now Im hearing mixed things on 
whether that should have been done or not and that FELV cats can have a 
difficult recovery.  These guys had no problems recovering and have bounced 
back wonderfully besides 1 of them getting really bad diarrhea for a few days 
but we discovered roundworms and treated all 3 for that.  His diarhea is now 
gone and he's back to himself. 

Jamielynn  Storch

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