But if the IFA is negative again, there's really no need to do another one
to prove or disprove anything - it would only confirm one of two things:
It's still not in the bone marrow, or it's in the bone marrow. If two snap
or ELISA tests were positive, there's no need to wait for anything other
than the IFA becoming positive, showing it's in the bone marrow - and you
never know how soon it happens or how long it will be - makes no difference,
they're still positive!

I had a kitten that didn't make it past a few months, but the adult cats
(the ones I mentioned before), did a lot better, one dying of unrelated to
FeLV and the other one doing really well.


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If the IFA's are positive there is no need for re-testing. It is replicating
in their bone marrow.




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Yes I understand this however if the IFA comes back positive on all 3 its my
understanding they have it..no need to wait 2 months and re-test a positive
IFA means its spread to the marrow.  So if we get a positive snap and
negative IFA we will wait another month and test again until 2 confirmed
positives or negatives result.   

I do know the diagnosis could mean anything...1 year or 6+ ...and sounds
like their are even cases of cats being a carrier that dont every get
symptomatic btu can still spread the disease.   My fiances brother had 2
FELV+ cats (not littermates...adopted a 2nd positive cat as a companion for
the 1st) and one died at 1 year old and the other 3 months later.  

I wish I had a set timeline but I knwo thats not possible and I just dont
have the space at my house.  This was supposed to be my last foster litter
before having my own human children..in which they are currently living in
what will be renovated into our baby nursery.  I never ever fostered with
the intention to adopt.  Im devoted to finding these guys a home and really
hope its possible...sadly as much as I love them it just isnt my home thats
forever for them :(.  

Lee Evans moonsister22 at yahoo.com
Wed Jun 27 12:43:10 CDT 2012 

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Just had a FIV+/FeLv+ cat retested.  He had FIV but he tested negative for
FeLv.  He's going into my FIV+ section, not because I think that FIV would
be contagious to my regular cats but because he never lost his male fighting
spirit so let him annoy the FIV's.  I do have three FIV+ cats mixed in with
my regulars because they never even heard of fighting.  Docile, sweet,
loving.  But Percy, well....!  Anyway, you need to wait for at least 2
months to retest the kittens.  My vet advised me to wait for that period of
time. I had another FeLv cat turn from positive to negative.  I still have
him.  Rescued him 6 years ago and he was already an adult from the streets.
No health problems.  If your kittens are acting normal, seeming health, it's
probably because they are and will turn.  I have seen true FeLv kittens from
the same litter. It has been my experience that they usually don't make it
 to a year old.
Spay and Neuter your cats and dogs and your weird relatives and nasty
neighbors too!

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