I know this isn't an FIV group but I thought I might be able to find some 
helpful info.  I have two cats that have leukemia and I've been through 
lymphoma and cancer with several of the positives.  This time it is my FIV+ 
that is having trouble.  About a month ago, we noticed a large swelling on the 
side of her face.  We took her to the vet and she had a bad tooth which started 
bleeding when the doctor touched it.  My vet, who I adore and who has never 
steered me wrong over all the years of my leuk positives, recommended I put her 
on antibiotics and bring her back to have the tooth removed.  We did that and 
she had 4 extractions.  She had bloodwork and testing prior to surgery and 
everything was beautiful.  No signs of anything but a dental abscess.  

Following the surgery, the swelling on her face was not going away.  She has 
been on very strong antibiotics (trying different kinds and multiple ones 
together) and yet the mass continues to grow.  My vet started by saying she was 
concerned we might be dealing with cancer.  At this point, she is fully 
convinced there is a tumor growing in there.  For all my other cats, I have 
pursued test after test trying to save them.  I've done chemo, I've gone to 
Cornell University trying to save some of them, but ultimately the cancer 
always seems to win.  So my vet said I could let her be or I could put her 
under and do dental x-rays and a biopsy.  Her socket has not even healed from 
her dental and my vet said she personally probably wouldn't put her through the 
biopsy as we are either dealing with infection or cancer and we are both 
confident this is not infection.  Has anybody else ever been through something 
like this?  I don't want to put her through
 any more sedation, testing, etc. if her days are numbered but I also wonder if 
I could be missing something.  My vet gave me this kitty and she loves her like 
her own kitty so I'm leaning towards following her advice.  I just always 
thought my FIV+ kitty might live a long, normal life and am so bummed to be 
possibly dealing with cancer yet again.  Would love to hear about anybody else 
that has been through oral cancer as this is one cancer that I haven't been 
through before.

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