PS:   Oral SCC would be a useful term to search on this type of cancer.

On Wed, Jul 18, 2012 at 6:22 PM, Heather <> wrote:

> Hi Amy,
> I'm really sorry to hear what all you have been through.
> We have had 3 cases of oral cancer (squamous cell carcinoma).  It is
> ruthless and horrible.  My understanding is that it can be tough to
> distinguish between the oral tumors and other oral/dental problems
> sometimes until the tumor becomes so visible/obvious it is already very
> advanced (which was the case with all 3 of ours, they were not cats living
> with us so not quite exact situation you have--just let me know if you'd
> like more info though).  My understanding is also that there is not much
> you can do treatment wise for such a cancer (though I think I have
> heard there may be some cases where they can remove part of the jaw if
> applicable).
> There have been many cases of this type of cancer on the Feline Cancer
> group, I's suggest posting there.
>   There was one person
> (search Jen & Ski) who used Neoplasense and did as much for her kitty as
> possible, from what I've heard keeping them comfortable is the main
> objective since there is not a lot (to my knowledge) that you can do
> treatment wise.
> I wish you and your kitty the best, and really appreciate you caring about
> her so much.  I hope by chance this is not what you are dealing with, and
> that if you are you can find some helpful information and experience on
> this or the cancer group that might help you.
> Heather
>  On Wed, Jul 18, 2012 at 6:06 PM, Amy <> wrote:
>>   I know this isn't an FIV group but I thought I might be able to find
>> some helpful info.  I have two cats that have leukemia and I've been
>> through lymphoma and cancer with several of the positives.  This time it is
>> my FIV+ that is having trouble.  About a month ago, we noticed a large
>> swelling on the side of her face.  We took her to the vet and she had a bad
>> tooth which started bleeding when the doctor touched it.  My vet, who I
>> adore and who has never steered me wrong over all the years of my leuk
>> positives, recommended I put her on antibiotics and bring her back to have
>> the tooth removed.  We did that and she had 4 extractions.  She had
>> bloodwork and testing prior to surgery and everything was beautiful.  No
>> signs of anything but a dental abscess.
>> Following the surgery, the swelling on her face was not going away.  She
>> has been on very strong antibiotics (trying different kinds and multiple
>> ones together) and yet the mass continues to grow.  My vet started by
>> saying she was concerned we might be dealing with cancer.  At this point,
>> she is fully convinced there is a tumor growing in there.  For all my other
>> cats, I have pursued test after test trying to save them.  I've done chemo,
>> I've gone to Cornell University trying to save some of them, but ultimately
>> the cancer always seems to win.  So my vet said I could let her be or I
>> could put her under and do dental x-rays and a biopsy.  Her socket has not
>> even healed from her dental and my vet said she personally probably
>> wouldn't put her through the biopsy as we are either dealing with infection
>> or cancer and we are both confident this is not infection.  Has anybody
>> else ever been through something like this?  I don't want to put her
>> through any more sedation, testing, etc. if her days are numbered but I
>> also wonder if I could be missing something.  My vet gave me this kitty and
>> she loves her like her own kitty so I'm leaning towards following her
>> advice.  I just always thought my FIV+ kitty might live a long, normal life
>> and am so bummed to be possibly dealing with cancer yet again.  Would love
>> to hear about anybody else that has been through oral cancer as this is one
>> cancer that I haven't been through before.
>> Thanks
>> Amy
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