How interesting..there's still so very little there is known about FeLV, and
you'd think that after all these years, we'd at least have a better way of
dealing with it!

Lucky Awesome Pawsome - and yes, torties are different from other cats.  I
just got a 4-week old tortie off death row from a NYC kill shelter (today
was to be her "due" date)..I have found in the last 20 years of rescue that
they are harder to tame than others, and are extremely affectionate to only
one person.  Our 14-yr old tortie Zasu, to this day, loves only me, still
afraid of my husband, and we rescued her and her mother when she was only 2
weeks old.

Good luck to Awesome Pawsome, she's lucky to have you (and the other way
around, I'm sure!)


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I have one that was born with it who it 3 now. In the past they have never
lived past 1 1/2 years when born with it.


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For the ones who have never seen or heard of this happening, it happens more
than some might think!


 I have a cat, now, Awesome Pawsome, who was one of a litter I socialized
from a feral mom.    There were 4 kittens--two siamese, a gray, and a
tortie, in this litter.  Mom was TNR'd from a feral colony, here in San
Diego.  When tested at about 9 weeks old, all except the gray were positive.
60 days later, only the tortie was positive.    So 1/4 of my litter was born
negative from a positive Mom. WE did not test the mom, because the neuter
scooter was out of those test tubes that day.  However,it was discovered,
post-mortem, that she was positive.  You see, she died, at the colony,
several months later.  Back to the kittens, 3/4--the negatives--were adopted
out to good homes, with the understanding that 2 had previously tested
positive, but "flipped" to negatives.  All of those kittens are still
negative and alive.  One of the four, the tortie, who was the most difficult
to tame, persistently tested positive, and the rescue I was then with, was
considering putting her up for adoption, for free--on Craigslist!  I could
not let that happen to her, so I adopted her myself, and this was about 25
months ago. She now is probably the healthiest ,Kitty I have here, of all my
fosters and personal cats, except for the fact she is FeLV+ status.  I did
almost lose her once, to killer calici, and she had such swollen joints and
was lame on all fours, alternating 3 legs at a time, for over three months,
besides the sores, and all of the other oddities that accompany calici.
All my cats got it, even though Pawsome lives in my room, ISO, did not come
into contact with any others...  and I almost lost her.  Other than that,
she has only had sniffles and a sneeze, which I immediately start
antibiotics at the tiniest indication of.


I do realize that she is on her third year of life, and usually kitties
don't make it this far, and dread every day she might be sick from something
minute.  I watch her like a hawk, for fear of losing her. But she has beat
the odds so far, and I hope she continues to be healthy and happy and
playful, like she is now, for a long time to come.







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