Check out Dr. Deva Khalsa, author of The Natural Dog.   I don't recommend
her for homeopathics, but she is very up on research and does telephone

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> :(  my other dachshund is on Royal Canine Hepatic for her micro vascular
> dysplasia.
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Go Get a Life---Go Get a Shelter Animal!

If you can't adopt, then foster "bottle baby" shelter animal, to save their
life.  Contact your local pound for information.

If you can't bottle feed, foster an older animal, to save their life, and
to free up cage space.

Ask your local animal pound to start saving over 90% of their intake by
implementing the No Kill Equation:<>

Here's the current growing list of true No Kill communities:

Legislate better animal pound conditions:

More fun reading:

More fun watching: especially
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