Thank you for taking in this baby kitten.  I rescued 4 kittens in June and
all of them tested positive for FelV.  The vet said their mother must have
had it. She was a feral stray.  I plan to retest all the kittens in October,
as they often beat the virus and test negative in time. Good luck with your

Lorrie in WV

On 09-06, Maryam Ulomi wrote:
> Hello,
> There is a cat who comes by my house and I have been feeding her for over
> three years. I have tried to trap her previously but she stops eating as
> soon as the trap appears so I gave up assuming she had been checked and
> spayed. Last week, she came with a small kitten and I worked hard on
> trying to secure a trap to catch the mom or kitten. I have been unable to
> get a trap to catch the mom yet. Last Thursday morning, I caught the
> kitten and took her to the vet, and she tested positive for feline
> leukemia.......  

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