There is a cat who comes by my house and I have been feeding her for over three 
years. I have tried to trap her previously but she stops eating as soon as the 
trap appears so I gave up assuming she had been checked and spayed. Last week, 
she came with a small kitten and I worked hard on trying to secure a trap to 
catch the mom or kitten. I have been unable to get a trap to catch the mom yet. 
Last Thursday morning, I caught the kitten and took her to the vet, and she 
tested positive for feline leukemia. 
I was so devastated because I guess we all agreed we would take this new little 
gift on as she literally had landed in front of our door. She is so lively and 
playful so we are hopeful. Our vet is really kind and good. He did note that 
she might not live very long because she tested positive and has enlarged 
glands but we are hopeful.  I am now emailing many groups who work with feral 
cats about getting a trap to catch the mom and have her fixed.

Regarding kitten, we are keeping her, we are very sad but we will take care of 
her because she is so lovely and we want to offer her the best possible life 
until she is sick. If she is sick, we have read many reports which note that 
testing kitten for feline leukemia before 6months can usually show them as 
positive but it's only because of the mothers milk, etc...in them. 

We are also contacting groups to see if there is a person or a family with a 
cat or cats with feline leukemia who would want this new little bundle of joy 
just so she would have playmates. We feel awful because we have her in a 
bedroom, she cannot come to contact with our two other cats who are not FeLV 
positive. We have prepared the room for the kitten and have made a beautiful 
place for her. Lots of toys, kitty condo, obstacle courses so she can play 

My friend just told me about this group, so I am joining to find out more about 
our options, what to do next regarding our other cats, and best ways to take 
care of her.



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