Um, I agree with Lorrie. As he originally conceived it (during his 2008
campaign, before he got blocked at every turn), healthcare in America would
have been "Medicare for everyone" and it would have been great. It's the
model used by most first-world countries.


Diane R.


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I don't know where you heard that Lorrie, but it's not true.  



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One brief thing........... The Obama Care we now have is not even close to
the way he wanted it.  He had to make too many concessions to the
who really screwed it up.  My opinion - and you can guess who I'll vote for.


On 10-04, Terri Brown wrote:
>    Well, I have a different take on the whole healthcare thing because I
>    work for a health insurance company.  I understand how the business
>    works.  That being said, there are good things about the "Obamacare",
>    but there are some things that are NOT.  So I disagree that it should
>    stand as it is.  It needs to be replaced.  My opinion.  I cannot speak
>    on behalf of my employer.
>    Terri

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