No, Edna, you did the right by taking her in!

Strangely, I have never had a cat who longed to be outside - they never try
to sneak out!  But, we have nice outdoor runs for them, maybe that's their
chance to get nose-to-nose with some wildlife who always seem to be either
performing or teasing the cats!

I am so sorry she's not doing well!  She probably is ready to go - I feel
that once the light has gone out of their eyes, let them go.



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We have tried everything and nothing is working, she is not eating at all
anymore and I believe she is ready to go.  She looks outside and in my heart
I know she just wants to run free so we will let her go tonight.  It hurts
to feel like we let her down and what if we would have left her outside to
run and play and just be a kitty?  Bringing them inside can be a double
edged sword, they get love and warmth and food but they seem to always long
for the days that they were outside and free :(

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