Edna, I'm so sorry about Suzie Q. I do like Beth does and take a dying cat
outside when the end is near, and sometimes after they've been PTS I sit
outside with them before they are buried.  It's SO sad to lose a cat.....
Just like losing a family member.


On 10-08, Beth wrote:
>    I'm so sorry Edna. When one of my girls was near the end I would take
>    her out in the front yard with me & sit in the grass & let her watch
>    the birds. I don't know if that is an option for you, but it think it
>    helped me & made her a little happier in the end.
>    Beth
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>    We have tried everything and nothing is working, she is not eating at
>    all anymore and I believe she is ready to go.  She looks outside and in
>    my heart I know she just wants to run free so we will let her go
>    tonight.  It hurts to feel like we let her down and what if we would
>    have left her outside to run and play and just be a kitty?  Bringing
>    them inside can be a double edged sword, they get love and warmth and
>    food but they seem to always long for the days that they were outside
>    and free :(
>    Edna

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