ME TOO!  I only have 7 and their food and litter costs over $100.00 per month.  
Vet bills are something else.

---- Lee Evans <> wrote: 
> Oh, @#$%!!!.  The price of Kirkland Adult Maintenance cat food used to be 
> $16.99.  Then it went up a year later to $17.59.  Well, I bought two 20 lb. 
> bags a week and a half ago.  This Tuesday, I went back to Costco because my 
> cats ate most of the Kirkland and the price had gone up to $18.99!!!  It went 
> up $1.49 in about a week.  This is robbery.  I'm so depressed.  The crap I 
> buy at the feed store doesn't have a high fat content and doesn't have actual 
> chicken like Kirkland and is $20  for a 36 pound bag.  Well, kitties, you're 
> going to be back on a diet of crap and corn meal unless Mommy can get another 
> job online.  Sigh.

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