You're right Edna...... Just because someone goes to church or
is a pastor doesn't mean the person gives a damn about animals.
I've seen many so called religious people do HORRIBLE things to
animals.  A lot of people feel God gave us animals to abuse. Now
I'm not saying everyone is like that but I've seen many who are.


On 10-29, Edna Taylor wrote:
>    Oh, like the one church where the "pastor" shot the dog or another one
>    where people were told NOT to help and/or feed a stray dog; or how
>    about the preacher who trapped his neighbor's cat, left it in the
>    back of his truck in a trap for a few days before taking him to the
>    shelter, shelter said "hey, he has a collar, cat belongs to your
>    neighbor" so then he threw the cat off a bridge.  Yep, THOSE
>    compassionate people?  pffffffffffffftttttttttt (sorry, for the
>    rant, just sick of mean people)
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>    Subject: Re: [Felvtalk] Cat in Ohio needs home
>    Is there a church nearby or a church or temple that you attend in the
>    area.  Maybe they could provide shelter/housing for the cat until
>    something permanent can be found for the poor kitty.  Aren't churches
>    supposed to extend compassion to non-human animals also?

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