No, lol, FIV cannot infect a human being.  You can be chewed on like a rubber 
toy and still nothing.  I have been dealing with FIV+ and FeLv+ cats for over 
20 years, bitten, scratched and snarled at, pilled them, cleaned up after 
them.  I'm still here, relatively healthy and no cat diseases.  You can't catch 
a cold from a cat either.  It's just not a take.  Viruses are very specifically 
programmed to each species.  I'm sure they do cross species occasionally but 
not very often.  That's why chimps used in HIV experiments are a very poor 
prototype for trying to develop a human vaccine.  They just don't get the same 
effect from HIV virus as humans.  But hey, some vets are so misinformed that 
they won't even be able to answer the question.  

As for his teeth stumps, the bite has to be DEEP.  He can't bite with stumps of 
teeth but as you say, just to be safe, you can have them removed.  It will 
benefit Oz and will ease your mind.  Mostly, when neutered cats have a fight in 
the house, they smack each other with paws.  If they do mix it up, it's briefly 
and toothless cats do no harm.  Around here, FIV is not an issue since it's not 
environmental.  I do have a separate sanctuary for 5 of my FIV cats because I 
started rescuing around 7 years ago when the information was still hazy about 
whether or not it was contagious and I do add contentious cats with teeth to my 
FIV group but I really don't think Ozzy would be a candidate for my group if he 
were here.  After his hormones go away, he will also be more docile and less 
likely to do battle with anything but a mousy.   So keep him where he is.  
Don't put him out or send him away.  Just feed him until he's too fat to move 
very fast, get
 that last canine removed and enjoy the wonderful work you did taking these two 

Spay and Neuter your cats and dogs and your weird relatives and nasty neighbors 

 From: Kathryn Green <>
To: Lee Evans <> 
Sent: Saturday, November 3, 2012 12:02 PM
Subject: Re: [Felvtalk] Ozzy & Miss Kitty

Good info and I thank you.  I hadn't really thought it all through about him 
having almost no teeth - although he does still have that one canine and some 
stumps so he isn't a 100% safe Kitty for the other cats.  Maybe less worry than 
I thought but still the potential.
Marcia's brother was the original rescuer and Ozzy scratched him up quite a bit 
tho I don't think he bit him.  Does anybody know if FIV can affect humans in 
any way if a positive cat bites?  I would think not but don't know for sure. 
Thanks for the info an the cleaner too although it is a standing joke with my 
friends that the name of the product is NOT Simple Green, it is Intelligent 
Green.....Green being my last name and all.....
Lee Evans <> wrote:
Since Ozzy has no teeth, even if he fights, he can't spread FIV because FIV is 
spread by deep biting during a cat fight.  He can't spread it through a scratch 
or through any non-violent contact with any of your cats.  I have about 3 FIV+ 
cats mixed in with my my regular gang and no one is any the worse for it.  
About the spraying, once his hormones go away, even if he sprays occasionally 
(and all cats do that when nervous or angry on occasion) it won't smell 
terrible.  I have several bad boys who do the spray thing from time to time 
just to keep in practice.  It's a matter of pail and mop and that's mostly it.  
I use Simple Green Anti-virus cleaning product.  It smells like a cleaning 
product when I'm mopping, but leaves the room smelling of nothing and nice and 
clean too.  It comes in a half gallon size, is green in color.  There are 
several types of Simple Green. The one I use is a concentrate. An ounce (shot 
glass for measure) in  2 to 3
 gallons of wash water does wonders and I have at least 22 cats in a large 
room.  They are NOT polite or well behaved cats either, but I still don't have 
to dig the house under.

For more information about FIV+ and mixing positives and negatives together, 
you may want to join the FIV2 Yahoo Group and read the files or make contact 
with some of the members. Whatever you do, don't allow any vet to sell you the 
FIV vaccination.  It turns a cat positive upon testing and will jeopardize 
negative cats because some vets and shelters still euthanize FIV+ cats for no 
reason except misinformation about the situation.

Great news about Miss Kitty though. Females rarely get FIV because mostly, 
males are very polite to them but if the male cat grabs them by the neck too 
roughly during mating,
 it may turn into a bite and therefore infect the cat.  But males don't usually 
do this. They don't want to kill the female, just impregnate her.

Spay and Neuter your cats and dogs and your weird relatives and nasty neighbors 

 From: Kathryn Green <>
To: "felvtalk@felineleukemia org" <> 
Sent: Saturday, November 3, 2012 11:06 AM
Subject: [Felvtalk] Ozzy & Miss Kitty
Well, good news and not so good news.

The cat that originally started all of this, Ozzy, is definitely an
older cat and as I suspected, he tested positive for FIV although neg
for FeLV.  As he is obviously a battle veteran and drew blood from the
person who originally  rescued him too, indications are he will be
more than happy to fight others and share the virus.  He was also
loaded with tape worms which men's Miss Kitty likely has them too so I
have to dose them both for that.

The vet couldn't give me an estimate of Ozzy's age other than to say
he was no spring chicken.  Why?  Because he has almost NO teeth.  One
canine was intact but the rest were broken or missing.  He removed a
couple of the broken ones but says there were many that were just
roots and there was nothing he could do short of major surgery.  Says
his gums are in surprisingly good condition, he just
 has no teeth.
Suspect many were broken in fights.  It is amazing to me how he puts
away dry cat food - LOTS of it - when he has no teeth!

Technically, a fighter like Oz should be quarantined for the rest of
his life cause of the FIV.  If I were to do that it would mean keeping
him in my master bathroom.  Not too fond of that idea.  Only other
option is to make him an outdoor cat and I don't like that either.  If
he starts spraying that will be my only option tho I suspect.  Even
tho neutered now he has been around long enuff marking is a natural
thing for him and will likely continue.

Now for the good news.  Miss Kitty came thru with a clean bill of
health, got her vaccinations, and goes  back in 4 weeks for her

Total bill this time around was $168.

Both are now back in the master bathroom while I "gird my loins" and
prepare to dose them for
 worms.  I think Oz will take his in a bit of
canned cat food but Miss Kitty turns her nose up at anything from a
can so hers will have to be a pill.  I will let all know if I survive!


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