Amen to that Lee! I think Ozzy will calm down and really appreciate being 
rescued, Kathryn. Somehow they just know it. He will  like having his food 
served to him on a plate instead of having to scrounge for it. You did a very 
wonderful thing Kat. 

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On Nov 3, 2012, at 12:13 PM, Lee Evans <> wrote:

> No, lol, FIV cannot infect a human being.  You can be chewed on like a rubber 
> toy and still nothing.  I have been dealing with FIV+ and FeLv+ cats for over 
> 20 years, bitten, scratched and snarled at, pilled them, cleaned up after 
> them.  I'm still here, relatively healthy and no cat diseases.  You can't 
> catch a cold from a cat either.  It's just not a take.  Viruses are very 
> specifically programmed to each species.  I'm sure they do cross species 
> occasionally but not very often.  That's why chimps used in HIV experiments 
> are a very poor prototype for trying to develop a human vaccine.  They just 
> don't get the same effect from HIV virus as humans.  But hey, some vets are 
> so misinformed that they won't even be able to answer the question.  
> As for his teeth stumps, the bite has to be DEEP.  He can't bite with stumps 
> of teeth but as you say, just to be safe, you can have them removed.  It will 
> benefit Oz and will ease your mind.  Mostly, when neutered cats have a fight 
> in the house, they smack each other with paws.  If they do mix it up, it's 
> briefly and toothless cats do no harm.  Around here, FIV is not an issue 
> since it's not environmental.  I do have a separate sanctuary for 5 of my FIV 
> cats because I started rescuing around 7 years ago when the information was 
> still hazy about whether or not it was contagious and I do add contentious 
> cats with teeth to my FIV group but I really don't think Ozzy would be a 
> candidate for my group if he were here.  After his hormones go away, he will 
> also be more docile and less likely to do battle with anything but a mousy.   
> So keep him where he is.  Don't put him out or send him away.  Just feed him 
> until he's too fat to move very fast, get that last canine removed and enjoy 
> the wonderful work you did taking these two orphans.
> Spay and Neuter your cats and dogs and your weird relatives and nasty 
> neighbors too!
> From: Kathryn Green <>
> To: Lee Evans <> 
> Sent: Saturday, November 3, 2012 12:02 PM
> Subject: Re: [Felvtalk] Ozzy & Miss Kitty
> Good info and I thank you. I hadn't really thought it all through about him 
> having almost no teeth - although he does still have that one canine and some 
> stumps so he isn't a 100% safe Kitty for the other cats. Maybe less worry 
> than I thought but still the potential.
> Marcia's brother was the original rescuer and Ozzy scratched him up quite a 
> bit tho I don't think he bit him. Does anybody know if FIV can affect humans 
> in any way if a positive cat bites? I would think not but don't know for sure.
> Thanks for the info an the cleaner too although it is a standing joke with my 
> friends that the name of the product is NOT Simple Green, it is Intelligent 
> Green.....Green being my last name and all.....
> ;-)
> Kat
> Lee Evans <> wrote:
> Since Ozzy has no teeth, even if he fights, he can't spread FIV because FIV 
> is spread by deep biting during a cat fight.  He can't spread it through a 
> scratch or through any non-violent contact with any of your cats.  I have 
> about 3 FIV+ cats mixed in with my my regular gang and no one is any the 
> worse for it.  About the spraying, once his hormones go away, even if he 
> sprays occasionally (and all cats do that when nervous or angry on occasion) 
> it won't smell terrible.  I have several bad boys who do the spray thing from 
> time to time just to keep in practice.  It's a matter of pail and mop and 
> that's mostly it.  I use Simple Green Anti-virus cleaning product.  It smells 
> like a cleaning product when I'm mopping, but leaves the room smelling of 
> nothing and nice and clean too.  It comes in a half gallon size, is green in 
> color.  There are several types of Simple Green. The one I use is a 
> concentrate. An ounce (shot glass for measure) in  2 to 3 gallons of wash 
> water does wonders and I have at least 22 cats in a large room.  They are NOT 
> polite or well behaved cats either, but I still don't have to dig the house 
> under.
> For more information about FIV+ and mixing positives and negatives together, 
> you may want to join the FIV2 Yahoo Group and read the files or make contact 
> with some of the members. Whatever you do, don't allow any vet to sell you 
> the FIV vaccination.  It turns a cat positive upon testing and will 
> jeopardize negative cats because some vets and shelters still euthanize FIV+ 
> cats for no reason except misinformation about the situation.
> Great news about Miss Kitty though. Females rarely get FIV because mostly, 
> males are very polite to them but if the male cat grabs them by the neck too 
> roughly during mating, it may turn into a bite and therefore infect the cat.  
> But males don't usually do this. They don't want to kill the female, just 
> impregnate her.
> Spay and Neuter your cats and dogs and your weird relatives and nasty 
> neighbors too!
> From: Kathryn Green <>
> To: "felvtalk@felineleukemia org" <> 
> Sent: Saturday, November 3, 2012 11:06 AM
> Subject: [Felvtalk] Ozzy & Miss Kitty
> Well, good news and not so good news.
> The cat that originally started all of this, Ozzy, is definitely an
> older cat and as I suspected, he tested positive for FIV although neg
> for FeLV.  As he is obviously a battle veteran and drew blood from the
> person who originally  rescued him too, indications are he will be
> more than happy to fight others and share the virus.  He was also
> loaded with tape worms which men's Miss Kitty likely has them too so I
> have to dose them both for that.
> The vet couldn't give me an estimate of Ozzy's age other than to say
> he was no spring chicken.  Why?  Because he has almost NO teeth.  One
> canine was intact but the rest were broken or missing.  He removed a
> couple of the broken ones but says there were many that were just
> roots and there was nothing he could do short of major surgery.  Says
> his gums are in surprisingly good condition, he just has no teeth.
> Suspect many were broken in fights.  It is amazing to me how he puts
> away dry cat food - LOTS of it - when he has no teeth!
> Technically, a fighter like Oz should be quarantined for the rest of
> his life cause of the FIV.  If I were to do that it would mean keeping
> him in my master bathroom.  Not too fond of that idea.  Only other
> option is to make him an outdoor cat and I don't like that either.  If
> he starts spraying that will be my only option tho I suspect.  Even
> tho neutered now he has been around long enuff marking is a natural
> thing for him and will likely continue.
> Now for the good news.  Miss Kitty came thru with a clean bill of
> health, got her vaccinations, and goes  back in 4 weeks for her
> boosters.
> Total bill this time around was $168.
> Both are now back in the master bathroom while I "gird my loins" and
> prepare to dose them for worms.  I think Oz will take his in a bit of
> canned cat food but Miss Kitty turns her nose up at anything from a
> can so hers will have to be a pill.  I will let all know if I survive!
> ;-)
> Kat
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