Sorry to be lae, been off line for a few days.  I also have a mix of positive 
and negative cats.  My vet said vaccinate the negatives and all should be okay. 
 Mostly, lots of love, good food and cut down on the stress pllus run to the 
vet at the first sign of unusual behavior.  better and cheaper to catch things 
early than late.  

---- Dianne Chance <> wrote: 
> Hello Group,
> I just joined your service and wondered if the group is still active.  I have 
> been searching for people who have experience dealing with feline leukemia 
> positive kitties.  My biggest question is about the testing results, can 
> results be a false positive?  How many times should a kitty be tested to have 
> confirmation without a doubt?  
> I would appreciate your responses.  dyan

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