Hi everyone,

I'm visiting Arkansas, and have gotten to spend some time with Ember,
which has been great. We took her to the vet on Friday. Her wbc had gone
up slightly from the low of her last appointment (she's at 3.39, but was
at 3.11). 

Unfortunately, her anisocoria seems worse. The pupil in her left eye has
been "open" to probably 75-80% of its full size for almost four years
now, but over the last few days, I've noticed that it's now almost fully
open. The vet looked in with a light, and she said that Ember's eye
seems to be healthy (the blood vessels are undamaged, and she doesn't
have a detached retina). However, she's concerned about it enough that
she's suggested we consider an appointment with an ophthalmologist. None
in town, so it would be an hour and a half drive.

The vet mentioned that Ember could have a fungal infection, which
concerned me. Ember has been sneezing some, though she seems much better
today. The vet said that the ophthalmologist could determine more with a
gentle procedure, while the vet herself would have to remove the eye to
be sure and to treat. I may be mixing some things up, as it was all a
little shocking. The vet has been extremely helpful with Ember. I could
not ask for a better doctor.

Does anyone have any experience with FeLV+ (or other immuno-compromised)
cats and fungal infections? 

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