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>Perhaps for this issue you should look for a vet who already gives the vaccine 
>of your choice. Best of wishes to Gribble, the others and Velvet. 
>I have a tripod who was originally run over in someone's driveway and left 
>there to suffer and die. A neighbor of mine who was feeding outside cats saw 
>her and took her home but did not have the money to have the leg amputated so 
>she just put the poor cat in a cage. A few days later gangrene set in and the 
>room where the cage was began to smell bad so the neighbor contacted me, asked 
>me to handle the situation. I don't know why she didn't bring the cat to me in 
>the first place but this woman was not really playing with a full deck, 
>although she did care about the strays. Jolene, as I named her after her $700 
>dollar amputation, is still a feral cat but has been living the life of a 
 house cat with my other rescued felines for about 6 years. Three of my FeLv 
cats turned negative after several months. Two others passed away after two 
years. Most of my FIV+ cats are still alive after 8 years except those who 
passed from old age or unrelated cancer. It's always difficult to lose a furry 
>Spay and Neuter your cats and dogs and your weird relatives and nasty 
>neighbors too!
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>>Subject: [Felvtalk] Dilemma
>>First, I would like to offer heartfelt condolences to those who have lost 
>>their Fur kids. Even when you know it is inevitable, it is always far too 
>>            I have a problem which involves my FeLV boy. I'll try to keep it 
>>simple. Gribble has been with me for over a year. He lives
 with 6 other cats. When I first found him, he tested - for FeLV/FIV. He has 
recently tested positive (FeLV only) after a health crisis. At the time my Vet 
felt that there was no point in vaccinating the rest of the bunch he lives 
with, but will test as/if needed.
>>            I also feed some outdoor cats. Last week someone shot one of 
>>them. Although the attempt was made to save he leg, he is now three-legged. 
>>Obviously,  he cannot go back outside. While researching the FeLV vaccine I 
>>came to the conclusion that the PureVax rFeLV would be the best choice. My 
>>Vet agreed to order it for me, but the practice owner has refused. I can buy 
>>a tray of 25, but at $459, it will be a stretch. So I'm looking for some 
>>wisdom for thse of you that have been there. In 30 yrs of rescue, I have 
>>never had a cat test positive for FeLV before.
>>            Do I simply put Velvet (the recent
 amputee) with a different group, that have never had any issues? They have all 
tested negative at one point or another, but then, so did Gribble. I'd prefer 
to have him with my special needs group, as they are the most closely 
supervised. What if I can't access the rFeLV? Are any of the other, adjuvanted 
vaccines going to help? I know they will increase FISS/VAS risk.
>>            So far, Velvet is still caged, but his stitches come out Monday. 
>>I can take him walk-about in a "safe" part of the house, but then, I guess he 
>>has to go back to the cage.
>>            Sigh. Any wisdom would be much appreciated. He's been thru so 
>>much that I'd really like him to have a good life. While I'd much prefer to 
>>keep him, for his sake, I have offered him for adoption through my Vet.
>>Margo and the gang
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