Is she eating, not having difficulty with litter box (diarrhea or urinary 
problems)? Do her gums look OK or pale? Tongue pink or pale? Nose clean, eyes 
not watery? Do a mini-general exam on her yourself. If everything seems OK and 
she doesn't have any ongoing active illness such as URI that cold be going 
ballistic on her, then she's probably feeling a change in weather? Lethargy 
sometimes comes with a lowering of barometric pressure or excess humidity in 
the air. See how she acts tomorrow and Sunday. If she's still droopy by Monday, 
take her to the vet. 

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> From: Maryam Ulomi <>
>Sent: Friday, April 19, 2013 2:17 PM
>Subject: [Felvtalk] Lethargic
>Hi everyone,
>Need some advice and help.
>Kitty, our 10 months old FeLV positive cat is wonderful, very active and 
>Since last night, she has been laying out more than usual and today she spent 
>most of the day just laying on the bed and not being very active.
>Are these signs I really need to be concerned about or just a little tiredness?
>It's Friday and I would hate for her to deteriorate over the weekend,
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