Sending good thoughts to Ember and to you.  My Shiiva (not felv+) is just
turning 18 and I know we are at the end of her 2+ year battle with tracheal
cancer--however, the past 2+ years have been a pure miracle since we
initially nearly lost her to the cancer in November of 2013, and there is
very little data on cats with this sort of cancer being successfully

A couple of small things that of course won't cure cancer, but I think have
helped her appetite and keeping her feeling well are B-12 shots & fluids
weekly.  There is a supplement often mentioned on the Feline Cancer group
called ES Clear, it was available on the Pet Wellbeing site but I don't see
it available now, though there is another product:

We like to sometimes take the juice from Fancy Feast Fish & Shrimp feast
and add it to other foods to make them extra tasty.

Best wishes,


On Wed, May 8, 2013 at 6:48 PM, Lance <> wrote:

>  I may have discovered something that Ember likes even more than FF. Tiki
> Cat has two chicken formulas, and she adores both of those. I'm feeding her
> a 2.8 oz can a day, along with as much of a can of a different brand of
> food as she'll eat.
>  On Apr 23, 2013, at 11:07 AM, Christiane Biagi <>
> wrote:
>   Sometimes, you can mix in a little of another food w. the FF… Just a
> little, though—they figure it out and then turn up their noses! LOL
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