Sorry about all your problems with poor Arlo. Along with the vet's 
recommendations you might want to try L-lysine, which is an immune system 
stimulant, especially for fighting herpes virus. Good luck with Arlo. You're 
doing the best you can. 

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>Hello, my name is Marta Gasper. I'm Homeless No More cat rescue director in 
>Fairbury, Nebraska.
>One of my foster cats tested FeLV+ on the SNAP and a few months ago also 
>positive on the IFA so he became our cat after he developed some disorders 
>that'd make him hard to adopt.
>Previously we had a cat pulled from a hoarding situation who also was FeLV+ 
>and some time before he succumbed  one of our foster kittens tested leuk +._ 
>Our vet concluded he would have been infected when younger, he was tested 
>after his uris kept returning; although we are no-kill and try to give them 
>the best hospice care sometimes euthanasia is the best option.
>Back to Arlo, our former foster, he's been doing fairly well so other than 
>being isolated he had no treatment. Last week almost overnight stopped eating 
>and bled from his nose, also gagged on and off, making gargling, squishy 
>noises. His mouth smells very bad, vet examined and said it looked good, mild 
>gingivitis only, he guessed the odor would be from further lesions/masses down 
>his throath._ In a few days and coincidentally he's developed bald spots that 
>bleed and dark spots on his fur. Vet said those were bacterial and fungal 
>infections. Right now he's on Clavamox and metacam and is starting to eat 
>again, I suggested interferon_we did have a FIV+ with stomatitis and other 
>problems that made a remarkable comeback on it_and he agreed to administer it 
>though because Arlo has all these symptoms and because he knows we're on a 
>limited budget he talked about considering the euthanasia alternative as Arlo 
>won't get better.
>I understand but if there's a way to make him better I'd try it, don't know 
>how much Interferon is right now etc.
>Question; I've read that some treatments don't work or are not used if the cat 
>is past the second stage and/or has lymphoma. I don't know if and what cancer 
>he has but he's defintely on 2nd stage..should I even try other treatments?
>And another question; we have a nebulizer, can we use it with Arlo, what 
>treatments if so? Thank-you and thank-you for this list
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