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>Subject: FeLV vaccines, Conventional killed) FeLV vs rFelv (recombinant)
>Sharyl wrote;
>"The protocol I was given is 
>1st vaccine followed by booster shot in 30 days
>Give the 2nd vaccine 30 days before mixing positives and negatives
>Follow up every 12 months with a booster shot
>I wasn't aware there was more than 1 type of vaccine"
>Hi Sharyl, 
>           There are two types of FeLV vaccines available. The most commonly 
> used is an adjuvanted, killed vaccine. They include;
>Fel-O-Vax LV-K
> By Boehringer Ingelheim (formerly Fort Dodge). This killed virus leukemia 
> vaccine is given subcutaneously or intramuscularly. For cats 10 weeks of age 
> and older. 
>Leukocell 2
> by Pfizer Animal Health. Killed feline leukemia virus. Given subcutaneously. 
> For cats 9 weeks of age or older. Boxes of 50 doses (2 doses needed for 
> initial immunity).
>Nobivac® FeLV
> For the vaccination of healthy cats as an aid in the prevention of disease 
> associated with feline leukemia virus infection. Formerly known as Fevaxyn® 
> FeLv 
>I'm sure there are others, as well.
>            Then there is a non-adjuvanted recombinant (modifed live) 
> injectable FeLV vaccine which is very new, made by Merial. This is much less 
> likely to cause FISS/VAS than the adjuvanted vaccines. The cat I am most 
> concerned in vaccinating has already lost one leg, so I need to choose this 
> vaccine, as he cannot lose another. The trouble has been finding it.
>Here's an explanation; 

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