Dear Felvalk friends,

I am very new to this group and was hoping to get some advice for the
treatment  about my currently very sick cat.

My cat is 16 years old, who came to the States with me 6 years ago. I got
her when she was 7 (she was abandoned by the previous house owner...)
After I got her, she was tested twice negative for FeLV and vaccinated for
four years. From then she has been a totally indoor cat. I later adopted
another cat,  who was also tested negative twice and vaccinated for three
years.  From then on, since they have been complete indoor apartment cats
with no exposure to other cats and the little one always got some reaction
to the vaccine, we stopped vaccinating them for FeLV.

Last Friday, my 16 years old cat was getting weak, my husband and I rushed
her to the ER and were told that she was in sever anemia (pcv less than
10%) due to her chronic kidney disease. Two blood transfusions has been
done, but her response to blood transfusions was poor. Doctors then
concerned that not only her red blood cell count is low, her white blood
cell count is also very low. So the doctors ran the FeLV test again on
Tuesday, and it came back positive (!!) (we also rushed our younger one for
test yesterday; but he stays negative, and we added a booster vaccine on

We are getting our 16 years old back tonight. Doctors implicitly has
mentioned that FeLV has no cure, plus her Kidney situation (late stage
CKD), she may not live long... we were also suggested to consider putting
her into sleep soon. But I luckily found last night there is this emailist,
and on the website there are several drugs listed for possible treatment
plans: ImmunoRegulin, Acemannan, Interferon Alpha etc.

Do anyone in this emaillist have experience about treatment on old FeLV cat
with CKD by using these new drugs? If yes, may I learn your experience? I
really don't want to lose my girl in this way.....I am getting my degree
soon, and do hope at least I can have her come back to my home country with

Sorry for such a long email, and thank you very much!

I. Catherine
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