Hi Lance,

            That's a much better diagnosis! Not a happy thing, certainly, but 
at least it is something manageable, and unrelated (I would think) to the FeLV.

            I'll keep positive thoughts and best wishes heading your way.

            Crossing fingers, toes, paws and whiskers, as well.

All the best to Ember, and to you.


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>Glad to hear that Gribble is doing well. It's amazing how easy it is to take 
>"normal" for granted until we deal with FeLV, cancer, or any other problem. 
>Then, "normal" becomes a victory and a treasure. I celebrate whenever Ember 
>eats well.
>The surgeon thinks that Ember has a diaphragmatic hernia, but a radiologist is 
>going to confirm the results of the CT scan. I'd like to get her into surgery 
>asap, as I'm concerned her symptoms are progressing. A person with a hernia is 
>much easier, in that you can tell them to stop doing anything laborious or 
>challenging. Cats just keep doing whatever they've always done.
>Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers. I'll update when we know more.
>On May 29, 2013, at 6:48 AM, Margo <toomanykitti...@earthlink.net> wrote:
>> Hi Lance,
>>          They are both (knocking madly on wood) doing quite well. Better 
>> than I'd expected for Gribble, he's back to "normal" at least for him <G>. 
>> Because his catheterization seems to be what activated his (apparently) 
>> dormant Leukemia, I'm hesitant to subject Mako to the stress of surgery. 
>> We're on a watch and wait. It's possible his "lump" has been there for a 
>> while, so who knows. His only "symptoms" (and what occasioned his testing) 
>> have been with his eyes, and most of that is only apparent in hindsight.
>>            I do tend to look to surgery even for cats with a mass that's 
>> likely to re-occur, if it will add to quality of life. My Pattern had oral 
>> SCC, and the growth was interfering with her eating. So it was debulked, and 
>> she was able to spend another 10 months with only minor hitches. We didn't 
>> use any kind of chemo, only because it has not been shown to have much 
>> effect on this disease.
>>            Hoping everything goes wonderfully, we're crossing fingers, toes, 
>> paws and whiskers,
>> Margo and the Kids
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