Hi,  I joined all of these group cause I have kittys with all of these 
illnesses---one with CRF, 4 with feline leukemia, and little Tig that I lost 
had very bad anemia/feline leukemia/upper respiratory/etc.etc. and 
unfortunately I know that Anemia is probably coming for my 4 kittys with feline 
leukemia---just a matter of when. My kitty with CRF has slight anemia.  I have 
5 other cats that live with me and there are 2 little ones that recently showed 
up on my patio.
 Tonight I am sitting up with one of my kitties that has feline leukemia 
because he is sick ----he is throwing up white bubbly phlem and would not eat 
tonight.  (before tonight, he was doing so good I thought that he might be one 
of the lucky ones that would fight off this awful illness before his second 
Cole is very sick and I am very very worried about him and just trying to 
figure out what I am going to do next so that I don't loose him like I lost his 
brother little Tig recently
As I read through all the posts I realize that there are a lot of caring people 
out there trying very hard to do what I am doing----keep their cats as happy 
and healthy as they can and with them as long as they can.  It is a good thing 
that there are so many caring people, but a sad thing that there are so many 
sick little cats.  .I also wonder how all of you afford to get all the tests 
and medicines, as I am really struggling with that and not sure how I am 
financially going to keep up and worry that I am not doing all that I can or 
should cause I can't afford to do all these expensive blood tests, etc or a 
regular basis. so that better diagnosis can be done.  I also worry that the 
vets around here are not up on all the latest things to help my little ones 
with all their illnesses.and that I am not smart enough to understand it all to 
figure out if the vet is doing the right thing.  I some times worry, especially 
nights like this when I sit up
 tired and very worried with a sick little cat that I did not know enough or do 
enough for little Tig, causing him to leave this world at only 11 months old.  
I also worry that I am not giving these little guys all that they need. 
Would love hearing any suggestions.  Sorry about the rambling.  I am just 
struggling to find direction as I sit up with poor little sick Cole as he 
struggles with this awful illness.    Thanks, Karen     
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