Hi Kasia,


             Well, that's the website for this list, so that's where I got a lot my info from, at least as a starting point.


             Both my positive boys on the Interferon 7 days on, 7 days off. My Vet is holding ImmunoRegulin for me, for possible future use. That's about it, for now.


             Gribble was very sick at diagnosis some kind of URI (which we now think is herpes) and an extremely high fever, which then went very low. His WBCwas  2.7, but everything else was WNL. We decided then only thing to do was to treat symptomatically, so we basically threw the book at him.  He was treated with Zenequin, Naxcel, Ketoprofen, and later famciclovir.  DMG and  Interferon were added as soon as we got it.


              Something worked, and after a couple of weeks, he was doing much better.


              For now he and Mako (also FeLV positive) are getting the Interferon and famciclovir, because the URI seemed to be starting again. All my cats are currently on L-Lysine for the herpes, but it is not always 100% effective with the immune compromised ones. Does seem to help, though.


              I hope others will be able to add more.







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Hello All,

I've came across this website with treatments for Felv, and was wondering if anyone ever tried anything (I know some members tried Interferon Alpha)? The link is 

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