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>         I'm still trying to figure out why there isn't more info about 
> treating FeLV. The usual volume of research I can dig up on a 
> disease/condition just isn't there. Because nothing works? Because most Vets 
> and owners don't treat? Because FeLV isn't often diagnosed in cats that are 
> "healthy" enough to warrant treatment? I don't know. 

Historically, I think most owners and vets didn't treat. It was considered a 
"death sentence" until recently (last 10-15 years?). There are still vets who 
see it that way. And, as you said, it's probably also because FeLV is often 
seen in cats who are not doing well, which was the case of our FeLV+, Sadie. 
The vet urged euthanasia. 

If owners don't treat, then there isn't much money in it, and independent 
studies seem to need lots of money, even if they're modest. Companies also have 
to bother to perform studies themselves, and if they can skate by with just a 
provisional nod from the proper body, they can sell their drug, and the cash 
may be the only thing they really care about. 

T-Cyte is a good example of a company that, from what we can tell, doesn't seem 
to care to set up full trials. I'm fairly sure that Virbac have not paid for 
the required trials in the US, and that this is why Virbagen Omega isn't 
available here. If it we could get VO here, American FeLV+ owners could get it 
cheaper and faster (we wouldn't have to clear it through the FDA, and we 
wouldn't have to have it shipped overnight from England).
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