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>.>ImmunoRegulin - I believe I spoke to Dr. Thomas (an article about her use of 
>IR is listed on that page) about ImmunoRegulin. If I remember right, she 
>hasn't used the drug for cats in a long time, but I don't think this was due 
>to any problem with it. She still said it had done some good.<<<<

         I contacted Dr. Thomas in March about IR, and she seems to feel it's 
the best way to go with a symptomatic cat. By the time I got the IR that, 
Gribble was improving, so we are holding that in reserve.

         I'm still trying to figure out why there isn't more info about 
treating FeLV. The usual volume of research I can dig up on a disease/condition 
just isn't there. Because nothing works? Because most Vets and owners don't 
treat? Because FeLV isn't often diagnosed in cats that are "healthy" enough to 
warrant treatment? I don't know. 

         I'll try to remember to ask my Vet today. I don't know that she's ever 
tried to treat FeLV before.


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