Sorry to hear of Bubba's woes, Beth.  Sending good thoughts to both of you.
I'm sure he feels your love, and that helps!



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Hey guys need some positive energy for one of my FeLV fosters - Bubba. He
had been battling a URI. Tried a couple different antibiotics, and finally,
after a week the URI cleared &  he started eating on his own last Sunday.
Well as soon as I took him off the Doxy he started going down again. 
We went to the shelter this afternoon & thankfully they had a wonderful vet
volunteering who has experience in FeLV kitties.
We're wondering now if he has Hemobart since he starting going down after
withdrawing the Doxy. His gums were pink, though. I've had a constant battle
with fleas. Advantage was no longer working so I switched  Frontline, but
that doesn't seem to be working well either.
He got fluids, more Doxy, Prenisone, Cyproheptadine, Capstar & AD. 
On top of that it looks like he has a cat bite o his tail. Poor baby. Going
to go home tonight & spend some one-on-one time with him.
Just being able to talk to you guys about these babies really helps. At
least I feel like someone understands how helpless I feel sometimes.


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