Beth, I'm so sorry for your loss.    You are in my prayers.John

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We did the ultrasound Friday. It showed enlarged spleen & kidneys. Vet thinks 
spleen was probably cancerous. I was not putting him through any more. He had 
just been laying around for 2 1/2 weeks, mostly having to be force fed. I did 
that with my 1st FeLV & I said I would never do it again. I did it at 1st 
because he had a URI & I knew he could get over that. But once that was gone he 
didn't get better as far as activity & eating.It was a really sad decision. I 
had had a tough time with him at first because he peed on everything. Thanks to 
some things I learned from watching Jackson Galaxy we got him out of that habit 
& he was
 becoming a total sweetheart. He just loved to walk up to you an put his head 
against you. Some hit you harder than others. This was pretty difficult. The 
lady who found him is having him cremated for me.
Thanks guys for just being there.

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