Hi everyone,

Please pray for my mom's cat, Callie. I mentioned her here a few weeks
ago, after my FeLV+ cat, Ember, bit Callie when she accidentally got
into Ember's room. Callie has had soft stools for the last four days,
and there was blood on her stool on Saturday. Since Callie hasn't been
vaccinated since she was a kitten, she probably has no immunity from
that route. She is 7 years old, and I'm hoping that she'll be able to
deal with the virus better having a more mature immune system. People
talk about age resistance with FeLV, but I don't think it can be
"relied" on.

I'm dealing with an incredible amount of guilt over this. I love Callie
like I love Ember. She's one of my favorite cats ever. It was my fault
that she got into Ember's room, and it's my fault that Ember is still
here with my parents. It's also my fault that we didn't vaccinate
Callie, as I worried about vax site sarcoma for Callie, and the few
run-ins that had happened between the two cats over the last seven years
were always brief and friendly. I also feel guilty as, if I'd just
gotten in the room (quite literally) a minute or so sooner, this
wouldn't have happened. 

Please pray that Callie can fight the virus so that she isn't
persistently infected, and please pray for me. I'm dealing with a lot. 



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