You are second guessing yourself.  What if's just drive you crazy with worry 
and do not help the situation any.  Also, She can pick up on your stress and 
that can stress her out.  There is an old saying,"  Let go and Let God".  That 
and continuing to give her lots of love, good food and shelter will do her more 
good than all your fretting.  Be kind to yourself please.  I have been there 
and know from experience that all the worry in the world does no good.  All it 
does is make you miserable.

---- Lance <> wrote: 
> The hardest part is that this was preventable. Not all accidents are,
> but when they are, they feel all the more tragic. 
> I'm talking to an alternative medicine vet at 3:30 to see if she thinks
> DMG would be a good idea. I'd prefer to get the go-ahead from a
> professional. Really, it's up to Callie's immune system to recognize the
> virus and react appropriately. I want to be hopeful, but I'm so
> concerned and depressed that it's hard to not despair. I am trying to
> tell myself that being positive is the only way forward, but it doesn't
> always stick, especially when I wake up and remember what's happening. 
> I appreciate the kind words and support that I've gotten here. 
> Lance
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