So sorry Karen. At least she didn't die alone outside. Some of them are with us 
for such a short time, but they still make a big impression on our hearts.


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It is with a sad heart that I remember a little cat that came into our lives 
one cold winter morning this past winter.  She lost her battle with feline 
leukemia last night.  Little Squirt --- later to become Penelope (Penny) 
squeezed her way into our outside kennel and into our hearts.  She was sick and 
needed help, shelter and love; which we gave without question.  With medical 
care, she seemed to become better. We already had so many cats, so I put out a 
cry for help and assistance.  Panora P.E.T.S.. (bless their hearts) offered to 
take her and her brother to try to help them find a forever home.  They found 
them a foster home while waiting, but soon learned that Penelope had to leave 
her brother for a new foster home and a cat friend (that also has feline 
leukemia) because it was discovered she had feline leukemia.  She seemed to be 
doing okay, but this horrible illness finely claimed her life.  I remember a 
beautiful sweet loving cat that was so tiny
 and loved to be cuddled and cradled like a baby in my arms.  Hopefully her 
friend that she made here----our other cat (Tig) that also lost his battle to 
this horrible illness----are now playing together in cat heaven and never know 
illness or pain again---nothing but happiness.  Poor little Penelope never 
found her forever home here on earth----but I know she at least found love from 
all of those that tried to help her, including us.  I cried when we took her to 
Panora but knew they could give her a better chance of finding a inside loving 
home.  Penelope---know we will always love you and Tig, and you will forever be 
in our hearts.
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