I kept my Felv kittens.  Keeping them segregated from the other cats in the

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> Has anyone had luck with rehoming kittens who test positive for FeLV? I
> have been fostering healthy kittens successfully for a number of years with
> a local rescue group here in North Carolina. In May I got a litter of 4
> when they were 2 weeks old. Mom tested negative so we didn't test the
> babies until last month. They all turned up positive on ELISA and IFA
> tests. Mom has since been adopted. The rescue group I foster with does not
> officially adopt out FIV/FeLV kittens so I am independently trying to
> rehome the kittens (the org funded all testing, shots, microchips,
> spay/neutering, etc so nothing has been out of pocket for me so far except
> litter).
> Otherwise they are all healthy, happy and very friendly. They have been
> fixed, microchipped and vaccinated and are 4 months old now.
> I have posted them on a couple of rescue sites and plan to put up flyers
> around town. I know the chances of them finding homes are slim since it's
> hard enough to find homes for healthy kittens but I have to try.
> To complicate things (or simplify depending on how you look at it), my 10
> year old cat became ill and tested positive for FeLV last month as well. I
> have no way to know if he was a latent carrier all along and gave it to the
> kittens, or if they got it from their dad and gave it to him, or if it's
> just a coincidence that they all had it. His health has been up and down
> since and I have started him on LTCI injections and am keeping him and the
> kittens separate from each other.
> If anyone has any rehoming tips, ideas or success stories I'd love to hear
> them. Thanks!
> Katherine
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