To answer your first question, sometimes as a cat ages they readjust their food 
intake. She was a kitten, now a year so she is almost at the tail end (pardon 
the pun) of her growth spurt to adulthood. She is more sure of having a steady 
supply of food so no need to gulp. However, if she begins to lose weight, you 
need to take her for an exam. 

Second question. I have left food out for a feral colony and watched their 
behavior, thinking they would beam in on the food in a nanosecond. Nope. They 
hunted around like three blind mice with noses to the ground and finally found 
the bowl filled to the brim with food. OK. With my house cats, they nose around 
like little vacuum cleaners and miss the spilled kibbles but slurp up a nice 
dust bunny and then gasp and cough and spit. None of them have FeLv.. Maybe a 
brain cell or two got it's wires crossed. Anyway, just keep up with the weight 
observation. Hugs and purrs.

> From: Maryam Ulomi <>
>Sent: Sunday, August 25, 2013 8:29 AM
>Subject: [Felvtalk] Sense of smell and food
>Hi everyone,
>I have two questions regarding Kitty, our one year old FeLV+.
>Since she turned one year old, she has become less responsive to food or is 
>less food oriented. Up to two months ago, she would drop everything to eat and 
>get very excited about food, she would gulp her food down but now she eats a 
>little and then walks away and then returns. Sometimes she eats more and 
>sometimes she eats less and she has off days for eating. Is that normal? I 
>know her weight is stable as I have a baby scale and I weight her monthly.
>My second question is regarding her sense of smell, which seems to be slightly 
>off.  A few times I have left her food or a few treats and she seems to not to 
>see it or find it. Do cats with FeLV have that?
>Mally and Kitty 
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