Hi everyone,
I have two questions regarding Kitty, our one year old FeLV+.
Since she turned one year old, she has become less responsive to food or is 
less food oriented. Up to two months ago, she would drop everything to eat and 
get very excited about food, she would gulp her food down but now she eats a 
little and then walks away and then returns. Sometimes she eats more and 
sometimes she eats less and she has off days for eating. Is that normal? I know 
her weight is stable as I have a baby scale and I weight her monthly.
My second question is regarding her sense of smell, which seems to be slightly 
off.  A few times I have left her food or a few treats and she seems to not to 
see it or find it. Do cats with FeLV have that?


Mally and Kitty 

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