Thank you so much, she ate much better again last night!

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On Aug 25, 2013, at 12:47, Lorrie <> wrote:

> When they are kittens at less than a year old they eat like 
> little pigs. They slow down in growth then and eat less, however
> some FelV cats just start eating less and less and waste away.
> You are wise to weigh her and pay attention to how much she eats.
> I have not noticed any of my FelV cat losing their sense of smell,
> unless they have a URI.  Are her nose runny or eyes runny?  If not 
> just keep a close watch on her,and if any symptoms appear take her
> to your vet.
> Lorrie
> On 08-25, Maryam Ulomi wrote:
>> Hi everyone,
>> I have two questions regarding Kitty, our one year old FeLV+. Since she
>> turned one year old, she has become less responsive to food or is less
>> food oriented. Up to two months ago, she would drop everything to eat and
>> get very excited about food, she would gulp her food down but now she eats
>> a little and then walks away and then returns. Sometimes she eats more and
>> sometimes she eats less and she has off days for eating. Is that normal? I
>> know her weight is stable as I have a baby scale and I weight her monthly.
>> My second question is regarding her sense of smell, which seems to be
>> slightly off.  A few times I have left her food or a few treats and she
>> seems to not to see it or find it. Do cats with FeLV have that?
>> Thanks,
>> Mally and Kitty
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