Glad Lucky is feeling a little better!
I hope you get some good tips, etc. from the yahoo FLUTD group.
How old is he?  Also, is he FeLV positive?  I think older cats are more prone 
get uti's...


On Sep 11, 2013, at 2:46 PM, Bonnie Hogue wrote:

> We spent a lot of time (and almost $500) at the vet today.  The great news is 
> Lucky’s blood work looks real good, as do his x-rays (he does have some 
> arthritis in his back).  He has no apparent blockages (tumors) in his urinary 
> tract.  They did not see any crystals.  The vet did say his bladder is very 
> small and looks very inflamed.  So they gave him a shot of an 
> anti-inflammatory/anti-pain med (a good thing, he calmed down a lot, which is 
> good to see), gave him anti-biotic (suspected u.t.i.), anti-inflammatory and 
> an ocular anti-biotic/steroid for his runny (herpes) eye.   Poor little dude, 
> he sure went through a lot today!  Now he’s home, getting re-acquainted with 
> the other cats and chilling.  Looks like I’ve got a FLUTD feline here.  They 
> gave me a prescription for another type of special food (Royal Canine) which 
> I’ll try (he hates the CD).  Fingers crossed.
> Thank you all for your words of advice, help, suggestions and encouragements. 
>  Lucky thanks you too!
> Bonnie
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