Bonnie, Thanks for the update.  Cats like Royal Canin SO much better
than Hills CD, but get him on all canned food as soon as you can.
Wellness is known for causing urinary problems.  My Polar Bear, who 
is my FLUTD cat, eats canned Fancy Feast and Friskies.  Not the best 
canned food, but at least he eats it.  He was a dry food junkie, and
I had a very hard time getting him on canned only.  I now add a lot
extra water to it, and sprinkle just a few dry kibbles on top, and 
he eats it.  All this I learned in the FLUTD group.

BTW - Wow what a vet bills!!  But our cats are worth every 
penny of it.


On 09-11, Bonnie Hogue wrote:
>    We spent a lot of time (and almost $500) at the vet today.  The great
>    news is Lucky's blood work looks real good, as do his x-rays (he does
>    have some arthritis in his back).  He has no apparent blockages
>    (tumors) in his urinary tract.  They did not see any crystals.  The vet
>    did say his bladder is very small and looks very inflamed.  So they
>    gave him a shot of an anti-inflammatory/anti-pain med (a good thing, he
>    calmed down a lot, which is good to see), gave him anti-biotic
>    (suspected u.t.i.), anti-inflammatory and an ocular anti-biotic/steroid
>    for his runny (herpes) eye.   Poor little dude, he sure went through a
>    lot today!  Now he's home, getting re-acquainted with the other cats
>    and chilling.  Looks like I've got a FLUTD feline here.  They gave me a
>    prescription for another type of special food (Royal Canine) which I'll
>    try (he hates the CD).  Fingers crossed.
>    Thank you all for your words of advice, help, suggestions and
>    encouragements.  Lucky thanks you too!
>    Bonnie

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