Wow - good for you for doing right by Buttercup!  You'll go to heaven on
that one ;-)


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I don't know why some vets are so uninformed but I have had seemingly
intelligent vets tell me that this or that cat had FIP because the cat had a
high titer for the corona virus. This is NOT FIP. Many cats get a corona
virus. Some actually become ill from it but with regular symptoms of illness
- high fever, anorexic, lethargic but not the usual fluid filled chest
cavity that is one of the signs of FIP (but could also be heart disease).
FIP is not all that common in cats, even in strays. The few cats I rescued
with genuine FIP were NOT FeLv+ or FIV+. It seems to me that vets want to
blame every illness on cats who are positive for one of the combo test
disorders. Sometimes I suspect that the vets want to give us a reason to
dispose of the cat without having a guilty conscience since it's "terminally
ill" anyway. I had a cat with a high titer for the corona virus. She was
diagnosed with FIP. What she had was a high fever. She had a miscarriage
(pregnant stray calico, very friendly) in my backyard. She was burning up
with fever. They said to have her euthanized. I said no. They said FIP, I
said no. She had to be spayed on an emergency basis because the rest of the
fetuses were not alive. They returned a live almost bald skeleton cat to me
and told me she had about a 10% chance of living through the week because
she had FIP. I said she did not have it. Took home Buttercup, syringe fed
her for almost a month. Flea combed her every day in the isolation room she
inhabited in my house. She began eating on her own after a month. Her fur
grew back. She began high-jumping after bouncing balls. She grew fat. I took
her back for her rabies shot and vet was astonished. Said she had recovered
from FIP. I said she had recovered from a corona virus infection. She was
eventually adopted.My FeLv+ cats never had FIP. Some actually fought off the
FeLv virus and now test negative. Two passed away from the disease when it
became active.




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Hi Beth,

          That's new to me. Could you please point me towards more
information? I've had several cats "diagnosed" with FIP, and none were
confirmed, so I'm curious as to a possible link to FeLV. Might explain a few



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>FIP is common in FeLV cats
>Marci Greer <> wrote:
>>Hi everyone,We took Charles (felv+) to the vet this morning and they did
an xray of his chest, their is a lot of fluid in his chest cavity, she said
it could possibly be a tumor. She gave him a shot of cortisone and a shot of
Lasix, sent us home with Lasix pills as well.  I am hoping that the Lasix
gets rid of all of the fluid and hopefully we can by some time if it is a
tumor.  If anyone has any advise or thoughts....I don't wantto loose one of
our babies.                         
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