Hi all,

My Ember has had dermatitis for about two months now. A month ago, the vet gave 
her a Convenia shot, and that didn’t seem to change things much. I gave her 2mg 
of chlor trimeton twice a day for five days, and that hasn’t changed anything 
substantially. She has lesions on her neck and shoulders, and there also must 
be some near her backside, as she’s licked some hair off her legs, lower tail, 
and stomach. 

I should note that I’m 99.9% certain this has nothing to do with fleas. Ember 
has no exposure to other animals or the outside (she’s isolated in a set of 
rooms on the second floor of this house), I have seen no fleas on her, and I 
haven’t had any jump on me. The vet found none on her when she went in a month 

I spoke to the vet today, and she mentioned that they usually give cats with 
this type of dermatitis a steroid injection, but that she worries about doing 
that to Ember, given her FeLV+ status. The vet did say that, rather than an 
injection, we could try tablets. That would at least allow us to control how 
much exposure Ember gets. Right now, this doesn’t seem to be life-threatening. 
I’m wondering what others have done in this situation. 


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