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                        I'm sorry to hear that your FurKid is declining. What is she currently getting, treatment wise? I have mine on interferon and DMG. For when they start to show symptoms again, I have ImmunoRegulin at my Vets, It's been there almost a year.


                        I have been in contact with Dr. Thomas (she's on another list I frequent) and she feels it can be effective. I can't recall why I didn't choose to try LTCI, but I know there was a reason. Probably that I couldn't find any real evidence that it helped.

                         Although the link on the website says it's only available thru a Vet, that's not true.


                         And it's about half the price. But, I keep it at the Vet's, because it has to be given IV, and that's tough to do by yourself.

                          You might want to check into a second opinion, maybe find a Vet that is willing to be more proactive. Most Vet's don't seem to know much about FeLV, and often advise euthanasia. It may be that they've found caregivers unwilling to treat. I've found that having a Vet who is at least willing to try things is a game-changer. Mine has allowed me to keep certain antibiotics and an antiviral on hand to deal with possible problems quickly, before they can get a hold.

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I'm considering doing this somewhat new lymphocyte t-cell immune modulator, LTCI, treatment for my FeLV kitty who's recently taken a turn for the worse - she's lethargic, decreased appetite, etc.  I'm assuming that if I do nothing, she'll die in a few days or weeks (I'm sad because she seemed fine like a week ago, and I only noticed this change in her behavior about 2 days ago).  I brought her to a vet today who basically said to give her palliative care until she dies, but then I did some google searching when I got home and found info about LTCI (I didn't even know it existed until literally this afternoon).  I'd love to hear about people's experiences with it, and whether you've had success?  

My kitty was a stray and I'm 99% sure she got it when she was a kitten, or was maybe even born with it.  I am not going to do intensive treatments like feeding tubes and stuff like that, that seems too traumatic and I'd rather she have a peaceful exit.  But if she can be helped by one little shot per month, that seems do-able.  

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