Hi All,

I asked last year when Leo was due for his yearly check-up, about how everyone 
feels about vaccinating
their Leukemia pos. cats in general.

The replies I received cautioned not to vaccinate for FVRCP, that is caused 
cats to become ill afterwards.

I have to get Leo vacc. for rabies since it is the law, will do the Purevax 
like I did last year, but he 
has only received one FVRCP vacc. back in summer 2012, when I first got him and 
he was neutered and 
I wasn't told about his FeLV status until afterwards.  At the time I thought he 
was a feral cat, he actually was, 
but has since become quite tame.  

Last year, in 2013, I opted not to do the FVRCP, because of the cautionary 
emails on the subject.
I guess my only worry is that he will be more susceptible in a vet clinic when 
he goes in for a check up for 
for treatment if he doesn't have that vaccine, so just would like to throw this 
out there again for thoughts on 
this subject.  Also, is there a certain type of FVRCP that might be less 
dangerous, etc?  

I have done some reading on Dr. Lisa Pierson's website, and sounds like he 
should maybe have at least 2 vaccines
as an adult and then can stop.  Am I overthinking this?

Thanks for any advice.  So far, knock on wood, he is doing great, though he is 
lonely, but I think since he was initially
semi-feral, the quiet lifestyle suits him.  we built him a nice mini screened 
porch/large window box which he really enjoys
and spend time with him daily.


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