Hi Maya,
My Sophia was just diagnosed with FeLV last week.  I have 7 other cats who have 
been living with Sophia since I saved her hours from being eu'd.  She was 8 
weeks old when I got her and now she is 16+ weeks old.  My cats age from one to 
nine years old.  My one year old Jacob has loved, played, and groomed Sophia 
from her mouth to the other end.  Everyone is fixed and has had their 
vaccinations.  My cats are 100% indoors and everyone gets along good.  I plan 
to have Jacob tested since he has so much close contact and hopefully he will 
be FeLV- then everyone will get a booster just for good measure.  I am praying 
everyone's vaccines and immune systems are working good, but no one will be 
isolated I will watch the older ones and treat symptomatically then test as 

I too have been in rescue for 3 yrs and you can check with local groups and if 
you let them know you are looking for a + cat they will keep watch.  They 
usually have daily contact with local shelters in large cities and will know if 
a + cat comes in.  You can also look on Petfinders.com and can find local 
rescue groups too.

Best of luck,
Susan & Sophia 

On Monday, August 11, 2014 4:24 PM, Maya D'Alessio <mde...@gmail.com> wrote:

So, my one cat Merlot is clearly lonely.  He is used to being second in command 
to our cat Yang who passed away.

I work with a cat rescue, and the cats there all live communally until they are 
adopted (with a quarantine area for cats on meds/who are really sick).  She 
thinks that there isn't much of a problem with bringing another cat in to the 
house, as long as the other cat is not immune compromised, etc.  This contrasts 
with what my vet says - no other cat contact. 

I'm not sure who to believe here.  Obviously FELV is contagious, and it is 
passed from cat to cat.  The chance of that increases with increased contact, 
but the lady made it seem that for the 20 years she's been running the place 
she has only had a handful of FELV+ cats, none of them died from it, and she 
had a 19 year old cat who had lived with all of them test negative for FELV 
recently.  I can't imagine being responsible for exposing another cat to the 
virus and getting them sick, but I also feel bad for Merlot who is lonely.  I 
was thining maybe I would consider (in six months or so), trying to take in a 
cat who was not going to find another home.  ie. an older cat, or a cat from a 
society that they were about to put down.

What do you guys think / what has your vet said to you about this?

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