Thanks so much, Susan! I will get on that page asap. I am sticking with the 
label since I am hoping the system is more correct.

I appreciate the quick reply!

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Hi Matt and Roughy!!
I just read your email and sense you need a quick answer to appropriate dosage 
for dex (which is a steroid).  I don't have a for-sure answer for you but, I 
can say this....I am a health care therapist and also a patient due to several 
autoimmune diseases.  This I know in humans, oral steroids are given in most 
cases in multiple doses (2-4) a day as it is a short acting medication.

 I would go by the printed dosage which is usually correct.  The best avenue to 
get quick feedback is on Face Book.  There is a page for "Owners of Feline 
Leukemia and FIV cats"  There are some very active ppl with a lot of experience 
that will answer pretty quickly.  I have had only a couple posts here.  I like 
and post a lot on the face book page almost daily.

Wishing you and Roughy the best, and good health,
Susan and Sophia

On Sunday, September 14, 2014 12:12 PM, Matt Pardo 
<<>> wrote:

Hi everyone, I am new to the list. I have been looking through the archives for 
an answer, but haven’t found it yet. Sorry if this has been answered before.

My cat, named Roughy, was a feral cat with FIV and FeLV. I have had him for 
about four years now with only minor infections. However, on Thursday, he 
didn’t eat. On Friday, I took him to the vet. The vet said he was extremely 
anemic…unfortunately, I was too shell shocked to ask for a copy of the lab 
results so I can’t say what that means. He gave him a shot of dexamethasone on 
Friday and gave him fluids. He seemed much better when I took him home. He gave 
me some dex to give him to him. I could have sworn he said one time a day, but 
the label says 2 times per day (every 12 hours). My concern is that I am giving 
him too much dex. The dosage per pill is 0.5 mg which nets to 1 mg per 24 
hours. Is this ok/normal? This is the first anemia I have experienced and I am 
really worried. Poor Roughy had a really rough night Friday. Last night was a 
bit better, but he still seems to be struggling. I would really appreciate it 
if anyone knows if that dosage is ok. Of course, I have tried contacting my 
vet, but I can’t get him.



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