Thanks Katherine!

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Katherine K.
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I'm sorry Roughy is having a hard time. I'm thinking of you both this morning.

On Sun, Sep 14, 2014 at 8:59 PM, Maya D'Alessio 
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Just wanted to send my emotional support to you and Roughy.  I will keep you in 
my thoughts.

I lost my cat soul-mate, Yang to a VERY sudden and shocking onset of FeLV (we 
didn't know she was positive, and she was only 3) only a few months ago.  I 
hope your outcome is much happier.  Just remember that you've given Roughy an 
amazing life, and continue to do so for as long as he is in your life.

Sending all our love!

On Sun, Sep 14, 2014 at 8:16 PM, Matt Pardo 
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Thanks Marsha! I will check it out!

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There are also veterinarians available on  $20.  I gave Milkdud 
dexamethasone injections, rather than the pills, so that may be different.


On 9/14/2014 1:47 PM, Matt Pardo wrote:
Thanks so much, Susan! I will get on that page asap. I am sticking with the 
label since I am hoping the system is more correct.

I appreciate the quick reply!

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Hi Matt and Roughy!!
I just read your email and sense you need a quick answer to appropriate dosage 
for dex (which is a steroid).  I don't have a for-sure answer for you but, I 
can say this....I am a health care therapist and also a patient due to several 
autoimmune diseases.  This I know in humans, oral steroids are given in most 
cases in multiple doses (2-4) a day as it is a short acting medication.

 I would go by the printed dosage which is usually correct.  The best avenue to 
get quick feedback is on Face Book.  There is a page for "Owners of Feline 
Leukemia and FIV cats"  There are some very active ppl with a lot of experience 
that will answer pretty quickly.  I have had only a couple posts here.  I like 
and post a lot on the face book page almost daily.

Wishing you and Roughy the best, and good health,
Susan and Sophia

On Sunday, September 14, 2014 12:12 PM, Matt Pardo 
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Hi everyone, I am new to the list. I have been looking through the archives for 
an answer, but haven’t found it yet. Sorry if this has been answered before.

My cat, named Roughy, was a feral cat with FIV and FeLV. I have had him for 
about four years now with only minor infections. However, on Thursday, he 
didn’t eat. On Friday, I took him to the vet. The vet said he was extremely 
anemic…unfortunately, I was too shell shocked to ask for a copy of the lab 
results so I can’t say what that means. He gave him a shot of dexamethasone on 
Friday and gave him fluids. He seemed much better when I took him home. He gave 
me some dex to give him to him. I could have sworn he said one time a day, but 
the label says 2 times per day (every 12 hours). My concern is that I am giving 
him too much dex. The dosage per pill is 0.5 mg which nets to 1 mg per 24 
hours. Is this ok/normal? This is the first anemia I have experienced and I am 
really worried. Poor Roughy had a really rough night Friday. Last night was a 
bit better, but he still seems to be struggling. I would really appreciate it 
if anyone knows if that dosage is ok. Of course, I have tried contacting my 
vet, but I can’t get him.



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