Lorrie gives you very good advice. And many rescues, and even shelters will let 
an older cat go on a trial basis. They will sometimes go a bit farther for an 
older cat, knowing there are few options. Most potential adopters want kittens. 
If you are very strong, consider a senior cat. They have often been loved all 
their lives, and when their own person dies or goes into care, for some reason 
there is no longer a place for them. Many have 6-8 good years left, but that is 
a tough choice knowing time is limited.

Whatever your choice, thank you for giving another cat a soft, safe place to 



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>You will never forget Tucker, and a new cat will not replace Tucker,
>but it will soon make it's own place in your heart.
>I cannot imagine not having a cat to love, when I lose one. There are
>so many wonderful, loving cats who desperately need a home, and if I
>may offer a bit of advise from an old lady........ If you want to be
>sure of a very affectionate, loving cat I'd suggest you pick a cat,
>not a kitten.  Kittens are adorable, but their personalities are not
>yet formed, and you could be disappointed when the kitten grows up. 
>With an older cat who reaches out to you with paws extended, purring
>and ready for love, you'll get the kind of cat you need and want -
>Go for it!
>On 06-09, Rachel Dagner wrote:
>>    I picked up Tucker's ashes yesterday. I was really worried as I didn't
>>    know if it would make me feel better or worse. I haven't eaten since
>>    Sunday my appetite is nonexistent, I have managed to choke down a
>>    couple protein shakes. My eyes are so swollen, I feel bad for anyone
>>    who has the misfortune of looking at me, or being around me for that
>>    matter. Well, I of course cried all of the way to the vets, and all the
>>    way home. But then I curled up in bed with my little box of Tucker, and
>>    I actually did feel a little more at peace. I laid there with him and
>>    went through my pictures again and talked to him about all of my
>>    feelings and my love for him, about our memories and how much I miss
>>    him.
>>    I have actually been in touch with a rescue group I found on pet
>>    finder, they test every cat for FELV/FIV while many others don't. I
>>    know that there is no sure thing with testing, and I wouldn't trade my
>>    time with Tucker for anything in the world. I just know that
>>    emotionally and financially I am not ready for FELV again right now. If
>>    it happens, just like with any illness, then I deal with it, because
>>    that is what you do.  I am going to Petsmart over in Tampa on Sunday to
>>    meet their kitties, I have no idea if I will be ready, or if this is
>>    what I desperately need to do to help me heal, but it won't hurt to go
>>    meet them and see how my heart feels. One of the greatest gifts Tucker
>>    gave me is that "no cats" Harry, when I showed him a pictures of a
>>    kitty on Pet finder he said  "Is that the one you want to get?" So I
>>    know now that I will never again have to live without the feel of that
>>    soft fur on my face or the heart melting sound of purring in my ear. It
>>    is so hard because I am scared to get one, and I am scared not to. I
>>    guess we will see what happens...
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