I personally do not do lysine AT ALL.  It was only ever really recommended
for herpes, there's recent evidence it doesn't even work for that, and it
reduces something else they need (can't remember right now).

What I totally recommend, and so does my holistic vet:  Raw or partially
cooked diet.  Standard Process Immune System Support.  I've seen standard
process clear up some nasty stuff.

Kelley and Coco.

On Sun, Aug 28, 2016 at 7:15 PM, Marlene Snowman <tessie1...@icloud.com>

> Hi - I've been reading posts for a bit and decided I needed some advice
> too. I have a FelV kitten who is 1 year old. I've had her since she was
> just a little more than a month old. She tested positive twice and the vet
> has yet been able to physically examine her or get a blood test since. She
> isn't feral but her dislike of the vet and people is probably her strength
> and fight to stay alive. I feed her really good kitten food and mixed with
> astragalus and ligustrum twice daily and l-lysine. She's also been on
> antibiotics for a nose and eye infection, not to mention the fleas, ear
> mites, tongue ulcers and lacerations on her legs when I first rescued her
> but she hasn't been on antibiotics for 4 months at least. (So antibiotics
> for most of her life). She's gone from a pound to 7.2 lbs. So I've seen a
> great improvement. The nose infection has never cleared, so boogers are a
> constant, although more a yellow to clear than the original greenish mucous.
> I recognize that I need to get her in for a complete blood work. She eats
> well, drinks a lot and other than the boogers, seems healthy.
> Would you suggest anything now other than the blood work for my girl Bear ?
> Thanks
> Marlene
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