Since the vet is not worried, why should you?  I thought about that when I took 
Annie in.

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> I always wondered about it when I took Tigger to the vet. I kept him in his 
> carrier until we went into the exam room, but the vets never seemed concerned 
> about spreading it to the other patients.


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Thank you Lorrie,

So happy I joined this group.
I’ll keep the cat for a week, spoil him, not mix him with Other cat’s, And 
clean well after, The room will be left empty for 7 days after.
However, I won’t do this again,
Because I have other people’s cats in separate room and Won’t go through this 
again! ☺️☺️ I’ll even change my clothes when I go in and out, But sure that is 
IF it was just my cat’s, I have three of my own, I wouldn’t be so neurotic. 😊

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> On Nov 23, 2017, at 11:56 AM, Lorrie <> wrote:
> This is my experience too.  I've had FelV cats who lived to be 8 or 9
> and one of my FelV cats is about 11 and still OK.   These cats lived
> with many other negative cats.  These were adult cats... I understand
> FelV is most dangerous to kittens whose immune systems are not fully
> developed.
> Lorrie 
>> On 11-22, Amani Oakley wrote:
>> We had a FeLV cat who lived to age 7. No other cat in our house was
>> infected, despite the fact that our vet initially said that the
>> infection would decimate the house. (We had at least 8 other cats.)
>> That was the case event though we never isolated our FeLV little
>> boy (it would have been fairly pointless as he had already been in
>> the house almost a year by then) and even though he played with and
>> groomed several of the other cats in the house. I have since read
>> repeatedly that it really isn???t that infectious, especially with
>> adult cats. It is more of a risk with young kittens.
>> Amani
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